Multi Cloud Monitoring

  • Monitoring hybrid cloud models

    Different cloud models are now common practice, even for critical workloads. Cloud services, containers and other virtualization technologies allow the boundaries of responsibility between the IT organization and external service providers to merge. We show you why only combined data from classic monitoring and a real user experience can provide a complete view of all performance metrics in the cloud.

  • Big Data

    Cloud services are causing an unprecedented growth in the amount of data that needs to be collected and evaluated in operations. This requires a new form of management and monitoring. What is needed is a holistic approach that seamlessly includes and integrates all relevant assets in the cloud and in the in-house data center for service delivery.                                   

  • Holistic monitoring with NetEye

    With the NetEye unified monitoring solution, we cover these requirements comprehensively. NetEye can not only monitor the servers and services in the company's own data center independently of the platform, but can also measure the performance of cloud services from external sources "end-to-end".

  • Strategic approach for your IT management

    Especially in hybrid multi-cloud environments, it is often time-consuming and resource-intensive to find the root cause of IT service performance problems immediately. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of consulting and implementation services to help you reconcile performance, scalability and availability, integrating your cloud scenarios into the monitoring process.