ISO 27001

  • Certified consultants

    ISO/IEC 27001 defines the basic requirements for a documented information security management system. As a certified consultant, the Gravitate team supports and advises you about the dangers and possible IT risks in order to comply with comprehensive data protection and a modern information security concept.

  • Digital consulting and data protection

    We will work with you to implement an ISO-compliant security concept that takes into account all information within your organization or data center. Through a detailed analysis and the use of market-tested system solutions, you can achieve greater transparency in the assurance of specified security standards and data protection-relevant processes.

  • Analysis and documentation

    The documentation from information security management, which takes into account all relevant risks for the respective business operations, is a central component for transparency and traceability. Only these fundamentals and the meshing of technical and organizational measures create the permanent basis for a resilient IT security concept. 

  • Practice-oriented implementation

    As a well-established team, we offer you an integrated package of ISO consulting and the commissioning of suitable solution scenarios - simple, practice-oriented and immediately applicable - for the daily operation and ongoing monitoring of your IT environment.