Network monitoring

  • Traffic Monitoring

    The network is the basis for all IT services. Performance, stability and simple expansion options are the key factors for smooth business operations. Traffic monitoring on the basis of the internationally proven open source solutions NetEye and ntop from our technology partner Würth Phoenix increase performance and ensure fast and flexible scalability of the networks.

  • Usability, reliability and flexibility

    We follow a clear "Business First" strategy, where usability, reliability and flexibility of your networks are our top priorities. Our network monitoring consulting services ensure a stable network environment, analyze slow or faulty components, and provide simple but powerful tools for identifying them and notifying the appropriate service desk departments.

  • End to end approach

    Our approach is to look at applications end-to-end, from the application server to the end user's client. This enables your IT to detect potential problems before they affect the users' ability to work.

  • Active and passive monitoring

    Not an either/or, but both/and. Active and passive monitoring of the network performance should be covered by a central and uniform solution. The extensive possibilities of network management with NetEye, Alyvix and ntop create a solid foundation for this. They are the basis for innovation and growth as well as a comprehensive automation of standard processes in your network management.